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Mother's Day

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Mother’s Day is here again and for many, it’s a day of celebration, of giving thanks, of spending time showing our mom just how much they mean to us.

For others, the day is spent with us being the ones who are getting spoiled and receiving extra attention.

For moms-to-be, it can be a day of excitement and anticipation of the years to come and how that may look for them with the baby they’re currently carrying.

For moms who have had pregnancy loss, made an adoption plan for their baby or are currently trying to conceive, this day can be a really painful reminder of what’s just out of their reach right now.

For those who have a difficult relationship with their own mother, have lost their mother or never even knew/had their mother, it can be difficult to want to even acknowledge this painful day.

For those who don’t feel the term ‘Mom’ is appropriate for them, who shares the title of ‘Mom’ in the step form, and for anyone who’s raising a little human that they may have never intended on raising, it can be awkward to accept the gratitude given on this day, but nonetheless, you deserve praise.

No matter how you are celebrating, or not, we see you. We sit beside you. We offer comfort and love to you on this day.

Whatever it is that you’re feeling, it’s all completely valid and real. You matter. You’re loved. And you’re not alone.

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