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Bereavement and Loss Support Services

At Birth and Beyond, we are trained and certified in bereavement support through Stillbirthday, offering services for those who are experiencing loss during their pregnancies, neonatal deaths, or those who need emotional support during an abortion. We attend births last minute, D&Cs, home and hospital miscarriages, and loss inductions. We are here to honor you, your baby, and your journey, no matter what that looks like. If you are needing support quickly, please phone us so we can help you right away! 


Our support includes: 

  • Joining you at any time of day for your labor


  • Provide unbiased emotional support during an abortion/D&C/induction of a deceased baby


  • Making keepsakes of your baby to take home with you from the hospital


  • Help with making funeral arrangements


  • Connecting you with bereavement support


  • Being available to emotionally support you 24-7 leading up to and after your loss


  • Connecting you with a loss photographer (such as Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep)


If you or someone you know is currently pregnant with a baby who has been given a fatal diagnosis, are miscarrying, or are having a stillbirth and would like the support of a doula during your labor, please reach out. We provide these services for free but accept donations to help pay services forward to other parents experiencing loss. Any amount is greatly appreciated!


Abortion Support is offered on a donation basis. If you can donate, then do. If you can't, then we got you. 

This can include but is not limited to: 


• Texts, emails, phone calls

• accompanying you to appointments

• checking in on you once you’re home

• small meal prep/picking up food 

• connecting you with other abortion support people


Bereavement Services: Services
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