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What does a doula do?

Doulas help by providing emotional, physical, and informational support to people who are experiencing pregnancy and birth, or who have recently become parents, and even those parents who have lost their babies.

Do you perform any physical examinations?

We do not. We are emotional support people, not medically trained professionals who are licensed to provide medical care. We can go with you to doctor's visits on occasion or help you come up with lists of questions for your provider, but we do not give medical recommendations or advice.

How will hiring you affect my partner’s role during the birth?

We are here to help both the client AND the partner during this special time! We help the support team learn all the different ways they can help the birth parent and are there to offer assistance in emotional care, not to take over for anyone.

What if I can't afford a doula?

Please reach out to us! We offer our birth packages on a sliding scale basis, which means you pay what you can afford to pay within our set range. We also accept payment plans. HOWEVER, we want to support people when they need us. If even our sliding scale range is out of your budget, let’s  talk and see how we can make it work for you. ❤️

***NOTE*** If you are a teenage parent under the age of 18, we offer our birth services for free. 

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