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Doulas Nicki and Kelly, sitting outside, smiling, on some chairs
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Meet the Doulas

Doula Nicki, smiling

Nicki Ament, She/her

Co-Owner/Certified Doula

Hi, I’m Nicki, co-owner, certified full-spectrum doula, and lactation and feeding specialist here at Birth & Beyond Doula. I’m so excited you’re here! 


For most of my adult life, I worked in home health and loved getting to serve our community here in the Inland Northwest by assisting people with all aspects of their daily life. With the the birth of my first grandchild in 2020, a switch was flipped and it was then that I knew I had a calling for supporting people during another life-changing time, becoming a parent.


Having me as your birth doula means constant emotional support throughout your pregnancy; someone who’s there to answer your questions, recommend good community resources (I know some really great people!), and even find the latest research so you can make informed decisions. It means having someone to also emotionally support those close to you; your partner/spouse, your family, your friends. It means having someone there for your entire labor and birth; helping you to stay relaxed and calm, providing physical support for pain management, and reminding you of the strength you already possess. From discussing all aspects of what your labor may look like, to helping you find the right birth prep class, to holding space for you as you journey into labor and delivery through all the position changes and options in the birth space, I'm there with you. 


As your postpartum doula, you may find me suggesting you go nap or shower while I keep an eye on baby and clean up your kitchen, prep a meal or fold some laundry. It may look like me providing you support with feeding your baby, helping you swaddle or wear them or even helping to bathe them. It most likely will look like me being there to listen, to let you rest and bond with your baby, and to ease your worries by taking care of the little things around your home so no one else has to. 


I am so passionate about this work and am excited that you’re getting a doula! It’s such an honor to work with new families and get to see them become amazing parents, with the kind of love and support that we all deserve. Thank you so much for your interest and I look forward to getting to support you!

Doula Kelly

Kelly Kathrens, She/her

Co-Owner/Certified Doula

Hello! My name is Kelly, and I am the co-owner of Birth & Beyond Doula Services, and a certified full spectrum doula, and lactation & feeding specialist.


My passion for birth work actually started 26 years ago, but didn't come fully into focus until a few years ago. I've always been fascinated by pregnancy, birth, and the true value of support.


What does support look like to you? Is it physical? Mental? Emotional? All of the above? It looks different for everyone, which is why I tailor my services to match exactly what you're looking for in a doula.

Once we meet, and we decide we're a great match, I am in touch with you weekly (more or less depending on needs), I will answer questions, give helpful advice on all sorts of things, from morning sickness, to back pain, fatigue, changing hormones, birth prep classes.... and when you enter your third trimester, that's when the hard work comes in! We will meet twice, to go over your labor options, talk in depth about how you see my role in your birth space, and we extensively go over what postpartum will look like after having a baby. This is where we plan, plan, plan.

Support doesn't end once you have your baby! I will be there for you and your family in the postpartum period as well. I will be your extra set of hands, doing those dishes, or folding the laundry...bringing you a warm meal, time to rest, maybe a shower. If you want to extend postpartum care after our two visits are completed, that can easily be arranged....who doesn't want a full night's sleep while someone cares for your baby and tidies up while you snooze?

Whatever your level of needs are, I would be thriled to be a part of your support team!

If you are struggling to find support in an inclusive environment, you've come to the right place. I serve all people, from all backgrounds, and I will tirelessly advocate for you, and help you advocate for yourself...we've got this!


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Image is of a baby gripping the pinky finger of an adult.

At Birth & Beyond Doula Services, it is our mission to provide the utmost care for birth people, regardless of race, creed, sex, gender, disability, National origin or financial status. We strongly believe that every birth person deserves to have all the information to make an informed choice in their birthing time.  Our vision is to enhance the physical, emotional, and psychological health of birth people, babies, partners, and families through evidence-based education, comfort and support during pregnancy, childbirth and early parenthood.

This business centers inclusivity. 

Transphobia, homophobia, and racism are not welcome here.

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Serving Spokane, WA, North Idaho and surrounding areas

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